Kin 180 Yellow Spectral Sun

Kin 180 Yellow Spectral Sun

The galactic signature for today 2/27/22 is Kin 180 Yellow Spectral Sun.  The code words or keys for unlocking the Power, Action, and Essence of the day are: Universal Fire, Enlighten, & Life.  Yellow sun is the 20th glyph in the procession of archetypes. It signifies both Zero and Twenty, the union of formless potential and formed wholeness.  By releasing all the layers of personal identification and conditioning, we can rest in the sacred emptiness of our essence-pure Life.  All questions are answered by the truth of that which we've always been-the zero; formless consciousness; wholeness.  Enlightenment is our true nature.  Amber, Golden Topaz, Yellow Sapphire, & Diamond are excellent assistants for accessing the full energetic potential of the day.  Wear and meditate with these crystals today.



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