About Us

TEAM ZODIANKH is a Family of Artists, Truth Seekers, Adventurers and Life Loving Spiritual Beings Devoted to Providing the best in Original, Powerful and Rare Talismanic Art, Jewelry, Stones and Spiritual Tools.

We, through the various paths of Self-Mastery, Self Discovery, Study Exercise and Meditation, Acknowledge that Creativity, Sharing and Living with An attitude of Gratitude keeps the "GOOD VIBES" flowing and the Beauty of Life Blossoming.

Along this Journey of Sounds, Languages, Symbols and Systems a great number of us have found awakening in many but Especially 2 Discoveries; The ANKH: The Ancient KEMETIC/"Egyptian" Symbol of Life and, The ZODiAC: The 13 Constellations of the Heavens that play visual Backdrop to our Sun's path.

Here we use the Knowledge of these Ancient and Enlightening systems Together.

The studies of the Zodiacal Constellations, by way of Astrology, address the numerous, but Subtle, energetic Influences Heavenly bodies have on Our Emotional, Mental, Physical, and Spiritual ways.
This is the Science of Relativity and Vibrational Affinity working in respect to Life Force, Sentience, and Brain waves.

With this awareness, we see that All material things have a Conscious Correspondence.

There are Harmonic relationships that exist between Sounds, Colors, Planets, Stars, Organs, Numbers, Elements, Crystals, Plant Essences and Angles, that express as Electromagnetic Fields. These Electromagnetic Energy Fields have been observed through countless years, in a Myriad of practices. The understanding gained has allowed Humanity to Spiritually Align, Advance our Collective Mentality, Gain insight into personal affairs, Forecast weather patterns for agricultural planning, and even Engineer Temples, Villages and Super-city Infrastructures for efficient conductivity of nature's forces.


When these observations are used to create a personal practice, each person embarks on the Shifting of Reality. Definition, Connection and Responsibility for the seen & unseen qualities of our Universe becomes apparent to us, and FAITH is no longer Blind. 

We are becoming Greater Stewards of these great gifts GOD has given us.

THE ANKH is Much more than A Symbol, it's an Instrument, a Tool and a Technology.